Primordial Ties

OFFICIAL SELECTION — 40th International
Film Festival Rotterdam
(January 26 – February 6, 2011)

Victoria Film Festival (British Columbia)
(February 4-13, 2011)

Festival Cine/B (Santiago, Chile)
(November 5-13, 2011)

SYNOPSIS — Primordial Ties is the coming-of-age story of Marjorie, a beautiful 19-year-old possessed by only an abstracted sense of who she is or where she came from. Now alone and living with distant relatives, she imagines that she was born motherless, created through extraordinary, magical means by her mysterious and long-dead father as the daughter that he never had. As time goes on, she becomes further lost to the ordinary world around her, a banal one of gossipy girlfriends, lonely afternoons, routine jobs and awkward sexual awakenings. But a separate, nocturnal reality emerges and soon takes hold, sending forth a young, handsome and unearthly figure in a black leather jacket to reclaim her — drawing her back to her perceived origins, to where her father and fate await her.

Trailer #1
Trailer #2

Country of origin: Canada
Duration: 89 minutes
Shooting format: Super16 colour negative film
Exhibition format: HDCam; Bluray DVD (widescreen)
Cast: Stephanie Sobocan, Mark Lefebvre, Michelle Segal, Michelle Mainwaring, Oliver Georgiou,Tom Primeau, Oneil Dass
Music: Gene McDaniels, The Bells

Since 1991, Otto Buj has been involved with the film industry as a programmer, writer, curator and, most recently,as a filmmaker. Primordial Ties is his second self-financed feature-length film. His first feature, The Eternal Present (2005), was independently released and screened at two Canadian festivals. It received favourable reviews in Canada’s national newspaper The Globe & Mail, Toronto’s Now Magazine and Eye Weekly, The Detroit Free Press, and numerous other publications and websites during its brief theatrical run. It is now available on DVD. He is currently developing four feature-length films: Rock Dream and the Human Devil, Lucky Pierre’s Friendship Club, We Are 138 and Head Like a Bullet.

Primordial Ties is distributed in Canada by Cinema Esperança International Ltd.


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